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skn ... modern design with a conscience
The Carrot Bag is a designer cotton grocery bag eco friendly reusable fashion forward SKN's designer Blueberry tote is fashion forward and available in 100% certified organic cotton The eco friendly Lemon bag conventional or organic cotton The tomato grocery tote by SKN design Our Asparagus bag blends eco friendly and fashion forward perfectly Can't decide which one to get? get all five flavours at a discount. do good things...stylishly

Modern design with a conscience...

For every order of designer reusable grocery totes you place, SKN will plant a tree!

Its like a double whammy...

1 SKN bag replaces about 330 plastic bags per year.
1 tree absorbs 1.33 tons of CO2 per 100yrs.

What are people saying about SKN?

real quotes from real people:

"Got the bags today to give as my anniversary gift. Thanks again
for going above and beyond for us. You may have saved my marriage ;-) !"
"loved the card, letter, and the bags. Thanks so much and I will talk you guys up big time!!"
"She might even love me more!!!"
"I've used other reusable bags and yours are by far the best!"
"You are redefining great service!!!"
"what a cute bag! i think it's a great first step to becoming more green. Definitely Practical."
"I love tomatoes!"
"Too Cute! I use a tote bag every day and I absolutely love this one."
"I went to DC this weekend and carried all my stuff in it:) . They are really wonderful"
"Finally a reusable bag with some style"
"Thank You SKN!"

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